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Buy Now Kinnari


Premium jewellery for the woman of today

QNET has partnered with one of the top Sri Lankan jewellery companies producing world-class jewellery brands for the past three decades. This is a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership to launch a premium range of jewellery in Indian Direct Selling space. The product range has to its credit a unique 'Floating Gems' and patented 'Carbonlokd' setting technology.

KINNARI, the brand

The word Kinnari is derived from a Hindu mythological figure – a half-woman, half bird demi-god, who resides in the Himalayas and descends from her abode to bestow peace on all. Her bird half enables her to navigate between earthly and mythical worlds, effortlessly.

Brand offering

  • Designed especially for the upwardly mobile woman
  • Represents feminine beauty, grace, and accomplishment
  • Contemporary style and a great offering for Indian fashionistas
  • Lightweight, unique, trendy hand-crafted jewellery with floating gems

Kinnari is an epitome of beauty and accomplishment.

How is this jewellery made?

Each piece of Kinnari Jewellery is handcrafted adhering to the highest international quality standards, using patented Carbonlokd technology. The gems, which include small diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are set in clear carbon. They are then set with minimal 14 karat gold. These tiny, floating gems are embedded in clear carbon which make them sparkle in light and require minimal gold for support. These pieces are delicate, extremely durable and have very minimal chance of the gems dropping out of their settings.

What makes Kinnari Jewellery special?

Each Kinnari piece has the gems placed in lightweight clear carbon to give them a truly ethereal floating appearance. Kinnari is the only true ‘Floating Gems’ jewellery available in India.


Kinnari boasts five exclusive designs – three sets with diamonds and two sets with sapphire (pink and orange). Each set comprises a pair of earrings and a pendant (without a chain).


Lovely forever

Love is certainly in the air with our specially curated Kinnari Amara set. Sparkling diamonds and gold delicately encased in heart-shaped pendants and earrings make this premium string set the perfect gift for your loved ones. Celebrate love, celebrate yourself with Kinnari Amara.

Specifications: Pendant: 79 diamonds/ Gross Wt. 0.65g/ Gold 0.29g; Earrings- 62 diamonds/Gross Wt. 0.79g/ 14K Gold 0.67g. Diamond grade SI-GH Round Brilliant

MRP: INR 2,05,300


Pure & peaceful

Encased in delicate gold frames shaped liked droplets, these floating diamonds are precisely designed to suit every woman, for every occasion. Style and grace personified, Kinnari Kaira radiates purity and peace in the veritable sense.

Specifications: Pendant: 21 diamonds/ Gross Wt. 1.18g/ Gold 0.95g; Earrings: 26 diamonds/Gross Wt. 2.29g/ 14K Gold 2.11g. Diamond grade SI-GH Round Brilliant

MRP: INR 1,30,050


Sparkle & shine

Style is for you to behold. Kinnari’s diamond set comprises oval shaped diamond earrings that encapsulate sparkling freedom to roam. With a simple yet powerful design, wearing our diamond set is bound to help you up your elegance quotient. Shine like never before with Kinnari Aabha.

Specifications: Pendant: 73 diamonds / Gross Wt. 1.78g/ Gold 1.47g; Earrings: 82 diamonds/Gross Wt. 2.52g/ 14K Gold 2.52g; Diamond grade SI-GH Round Brilliant

MRP: INR 3,32,310


Monsoon flower

This timeless floral design illustrates a woman’s poise and grace. Kinnari’s orange sapphire set is framed in precious gold and symbolises sheer grace. This design is set with prime orange sapphires and is certain to appeal to women of all ages. With Kinnara Keya, you can be like a resplendent monsoon flower, which speaks the language of fragrance.

Specifications: Pendant: 31 Orange sapphire stones/ Gross Wt. 0.75g/ Gold 0.70g; Earrings- 62 Orange sapphire stones/ Gross Wt. 1.85g/ 14K Gold 2.16g

MRP: INR 93,050


Your gift from God

Sapphires are precious stones that symbolise wisdom and good fortune. It is said, wearing sapphire brings about a change in a woman’s will to care and protect. This pink sapphire set is exquisitely shaped like dew drops and is a sure head-turner.

Specifications: Pendant: 224 Pink sapphire stones/ Gross Wt.: 1.42g/ Gold 0.19g; Earrings: 320 Pink sapphire stones/ Gross Wt.: 1.46g/ 14K Gold 0.71g

MRP: INR 2,10,250

Product Packaging & Offering:

Each Kinnari Floating Gems Jewellery contains a pair of earrings and a pendant and will be packed in a high-end jewellery box along with the Kinnari product information booklet, authenticity card, and GIA (Belgrade) certifications.

Kinnari Jewellery Care:

Clean often. Clean your diamond jewellery often to keep it free of lotions, skin oil and dirt. That way, it will not look cloudy. You can also wipe your jewellery clean with a soft chamois or flannel cloth after each wear to remove oils and salt.

Use water and jewellery cleaner from a reputable store. Soak the jewellery in a mixture of warm water and use jewellery cleaner, according to the instructions. Use a soft toothbrush or cloth to scrub it clean at least once a month.

Let it skip the shower. Avoid showering with your jewellery or getting it wet.

Keep it away from sinks. A piece of diamond jewellery, like a ring or small bracelet, may easily fall down the sink drain. It might get damaged or lost forever as a result. Avoid placing diamond jewellery on the rim of a sink.

Remove in times of rough work. Diamonds and other fine jewellery are durable, but they may still chip. Take the diamond off when doing rough work like gardening, cleaning, home renovating, etc., to make sure your jewellery doesn’t get damaged.

Limit exposure to cosmetics. Avoid getting cosmetics + other substances such as perfumes, creams, etc. onto your jewellery as these can cause build-up, which dulls the jewellery's brilliance and sparkle.

*Note: Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only.