QNET is Coming to India!


QNET is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online shopping and business communities. Since 1998, we’ve been home to a growing number of healthy, happy and successful people of all ages, race, gender and socio-economic status.


Now, this established and  dynamic direct selling brand comes to India! On 13 April, your network marketing journey will enter a new phase, giving you the opportunity to join QNET.


With high standards and loyalty among its hallmarks, QNET will provide you the framework and tools to actively raise your quality of life through value-added lifestyle products, our network marketing business opportunity, and QInfinite, an attractive, high-paying compensation plan that was specially designed with you in mind.


When you login to your QuestNet India Virtual Office on 13 April 2012, you will receive a pop-up announcement with directions on how to register as an Independent Representative (IR) with Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd (“Vihaan”). 


Vihaan is QNET Ltd's new franchisee, established to serve the needs of Indian IRs, and will proudly carry the renowned QNET brand. 

The Company’s Policies & Procedures, Product Purchase Terms & Conditions, as well as details about QInfinite Compensation Plan will all be available to you before you confirm your FREE OF CHARGE registration.


When can I register? 

You can register with Vihaan anytime from 21:31 IST on 13 April 2012. Your transactions up until this date will be calculated as normal and will be paid by QNEI. You are advised to clear your commissions and redeem your Redemption Points from QNEI as soon as possible.


Why should I register and what happens to my Downlines?

If some of your existing referrals have registered with Vihaan, and you as an Upline do not register, then their BVs will not be credited to your Tracking Centre (“TC”) until and unless you too register with Vihaan based on the agreed business terms.


With all the great opportunities coming with Vihaan, your QNET journey will take you to new heights! Login to your QuestNet India Virtual Office at or after 21:31 IST on 13 April 2012 to continue your journey with QNET!!