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Company News

  • Since the 2009 GP2 Asia Series started, we received many requests to compile more information about MY QI-Meritus.Mahara, the official QuestNet racing team.

  • QuestNet, one of the pioneers in the on-line international direct sales industry, launched its first QShoppe showcase in Jubilee Centre, Wanchai. Hong Kong.

  • MY QI-Meritus.Mahara has New Hopes with New Driver

  • QuestNet and RYTHM Donates to the Children of Bihar

  • QuestNet Recognised as a Caring Corporate Citizen

  • The Second QShoppe Showcase Opening in Singapore

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Media Coverage

  • QNet and AFC in the News

  • QNet's Birthday Gift for the Young

  • Media Focusses on Malaysia QI-MeritusMahara.com in Bahrain

  • QNet Leaders in Networking Times

  • Media Praises QIMM for GP2 Asia Series Victory

  • Media Hails QuestNet as an Official Sponsor of AFC


  • The ‘QNet Pays Forward’ initiative continued to brighten the lives of underprivileged children with a recent heartfelt donation in Thailand to a positive children’s charity in LopburiProvince

Press Releases

  • Cricket Wiz is QNet Product Ambassador

  • Fans at Edge of Seat in AFC Quarter Finals Game

  • QNet joins Virgin Racing as Official Direct Selling Partner

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